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Nacton 70MHz  high performance transverter module.
The Nacton 4m amateur band transverter module was awarded a 'Highly Recommended' at the 2013 RSGB  Centenary
Convention Construction Contest ( Designer category).
Among the judges were Joe Taylor, (K1JT) and Eben Upton ( Raspberry Pi Foundation).

Brief details of the Nacton are available here and more detailed information as well as construction and alignment details for the transverter here.

Several modifications have been made to the original Nacton following further work on the 2m version. These modifications are here
and now include the ones from the previous modifications document. Now version 0.2

The NACTON power amplifier is a 7W Mitsubishi module type RA07H0608M available from GH Engineering in the UK.
PCBs for this module are available from the author. Suitable wire for the LPF as well as the passive components ( not the Mitsubishi module) can also be obtained from the author. E-mail to the address in the graphic at the bottom of the page for price and availability.
A full document detailing construction of the PA module is HERE

This transverter kit is NOT recommended for beginners as it uses a lot of small 0805 size SMD parts.

You can contact me for more details at the e-mail address in the graphic below.


Low Noise preamplifier (LNA) kits. Fully documented assembly.
for 70cm, 23cm, 21cm* ( Hydrogen line - radio astronomy), 13cm, 12cm, 9cm.

VLNA kits are available for all these bands. The price for a full kits is just £55. This includes the tinplate box, connectors and all components.

Complete and working VLNAs ( including for 21cm Hydrogen line) are available from The DX Shop

For orders over £100 I recommend International Signed For service, where available.
I can accept Paypal, cheque (UK bank only), or Bank Transfer.

E-mail me for details. My e-mail address is in the graphic near the foot of this page.
VLNA document. This has been updated to include a few small changes for the 70cm version.
Link to pre-amplifier articles Includes a 'must read' by Sergie, RW3BP

SPF and PGA Amp kits. Please contact me
for availability, at the address in the graphic near the foot of this page regarding .

Kent Britain, WA5VJB's, wide range of PCB antennas have become virtual industry standards, widely copied at higher prices in Europe! These are the original and best PCB antennas, developed over a long period of time and used as OEM antennas by many commercial, monitoring and test houses in the USA and elsewhere.
I carry a wide range of these antennas, so if you see something in the list below that you want or on  Kent's web page  ask me first!


Log periodic yagis for 400MHz to 1000MHz, 850 to 6500MHz, 900 - 2600MHz and 2 GHz to 11 GHz,  Vivaldis for 9 - 25 GHz, Big Wheels for 1296 and 2400MHz,
1.3GHz 3 element and 2.4GHz 5 element yagi antennas and 4 element patch antennas for 5.8GHz
Further details and prices by contacting the address in the graphic at the bottom of the page.

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