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These are now available from G4HUP

Anglian 144MHz high performance transverter module
The assembled Anglian transverter boards are now all sold. I do, however, have a few SMD partially assembled boards left in stock. Finished off by hand assembly, these Anglian kits are 120 each.

G4ZTR has made available a suitable predrilled heatsink for the 30 and 60W PA modules. See John for details and purchase

Anglian 2m transverter

This is a high performance 144/28MHz transverter module featuring a ready-assembled PCB. All SMD parts are pre-installed on the board. You only need to solder the board into the tinplate box, solder in the crystal, coils and a diode.
The kit comprises a tin plate box, connectors ( SMA) feed-through capacitors, tuneable coils, crystal ( 116MHz by Krystaly) and a few other parts needed to complete the build.

A comprehensive PDF of the transverter assembly is here. Updated to V1.2 This covers a mod to improve transmit receive switching speed.

Anglian 144MHz 8W power amplifier short kit
A 144MHz version of the 70MHz amplifier using the Mitsubishi RA08H1317M module is described in this article.
PCB short kits are available at 8 each. The Mitsubishi module is not included. Mitsubishi power modules are available from GH Engineering in the UK and from AngliaLive in Wisbech.

EME2014 Presentation added as PDF

4m 7W PA similar to the 2M 8W PA

60W PA kits
Many of you will already know that the Anglian 2m and 4m transverters are capable of directly driving the 30W versions of the Mitsubishi module to their rated output. They are also able to drive the 144MHz 60W version of the Mitsubishi module (not available for the 4m band). Unfortunately, the existing 8W PA PCB has the wrong pin spacing for the larger H2S and H2M size modules. GM3SEK has designed a new PCB that accepts the larger Mitsubishi modules and in addition includes provision for the optional input attenuator, PTT, variable bias and a higher power-rated low pass filter at the output. Ian has kindly allowed me to include the new PA PCB as part of the Anglian line-up.
Contact me for PA details. The boards are 6 each.
See graphic at the footer of this page for my e-mail address.

G4ZTR has made available a suitable predrilled heatsink for the 30 and 60W PA modules. See John for details and purchase
Nacton 70MHz  high performance transverter module.
No longer available!

Brief details of the Nacton are archived here and more detailed information as well as construction and alignment details for the transverter here.

Several modifications have been made to the original Nacton following further work on the 2m version. These modifications are here
and now include the ones from the previous modifications document. Now version 0.2


PGA144MHz preamplifier
If you want a low cost, high performance preamplifier to go with your Anglian then the PGA144 might be just want you are looking for.
A 144MHz high dynamic range, low noise preamp based on the earlier PGA Amps, but now incorporating an input high pass filter, band pass output filter, adjustable gain, on-board voltage regulator and provision for power feed over the the output coax. The preamp kit is supplied with tinplate box, long reach SMA female connectors and power feedthrough capacitor.
Short spec:
Noise figure 0.6dB
gain 2 to 20dB
Input two tone, third order intercept (IIP3) greater than +6dBm
Input return loss better than 9dB

The kit costs 35 plus shipping. I can accept Paypal. .
Contact me for details at the e-mail address at the bottom of this page

Low Noise preamplifier (LNA) kits. Fully documented assembly instructions.
for 70cm, 23cm, 21cm* ( Hydrogen line - radio astronomy), 13cm, 12cm, 9cm.

VLNA kits are available for all these bands. The price for a full kit is just 50. This includes the tinplate box, connectors and all components.
Complete and working VLNAs ( including for 21cm Hydrogen line) are available from The DX Shop
For orders over 100 I recommend International Signed For service, where available.
I can accept Paypal, cheque (UK bank only), or Bank Transfer.
A number of the kits are available fromWA5VJB
in the USA. Contact Kent at  Kent's web page for details of price and delivery.
  My e-mail address is in the graphic near the foot of this page.
VLNA Information and assembly document. This has been updated to include a few small changes for the 70cm version.
Link to pre-amplifier articles Includes a 'must read' by Sergie, RW3BP

Wideband amplifiers

I have available two versions of the PGA amp as well as several of the SPF amplifier. As the PGA and SPF amps have several similar characteristics, it is prefereable that you contact
me to discuss your requirements.

The plain, unfiltered PGA PCB version is a widebandband (30MHz to 3GHz), low noise amplifier.

If you need filtering then the PGAV2 board has provision for adding a low pass filter or a bandpass filter. A limited number of filter designs and parts are available. See the PDF for details.

Both kits are 13. The filter components are an additional 1.50
The  PGA Amp article is here. 
and details of the  PGAV2 Amp is here.

The ever-popular SPFAmp kits are available at 13 each. As there are various versions of the PCB I suggest you contact me first to discuss your requirements.

These prices do not include shipping or Paypal fees.

Micro X PCBs
Recently added. Micro X PCBs from WA5VJB. These boards accept MMICs and discrete devices in the popular Micro X package style e.g. ERA, MSA/MAR.
The boards are available in 'panels' of two at 5 pair. The material is 0.79mm FR4. Termination is cable, although a few SMA through hole boards are also available.

PCB Antennas
Kent Britain, WA5VJB's, wide range of PCB antennas have become virtual industry standards, widely copied at higher prices in Europe! These are the original and best PCB antennas, developed over a long period of time and used as OEM antennas by many commercial, monitoring and test houses in the USA and elsewhere.
I carry a wide range of these antennas, so if you see something in the list below that you want or on  Kent's web page  ask me first!

Kent will also shortly be offering Multicopter/quadcopter/drone antennas. I expect to have these available in the UK when they are released.


Log periodic yagis for 400MHz to 1000MHz, 850 to 6500MHz and 2 GHz to 11 GHz 
Vivaldis for 5 - 25 GHz, Big Wheels for 1296 and 2400MHz,
1.3GHz 3 element and 2.4GHz 5 element yagi antennas and 4 element patch antennas for 5.8GHz and more. Check Kent's web page for list.
Further details and prices by contacting the address in the graphic at the bottom of the page.

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