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Specialising in high tech amateur radio RF kits, the current range of DDKits consist of the VLNA or very low noise amplifier used worldwide for EME and Radio Astronomy. Kits are available for the 70cm, 23cm, 13cm and 9cm amateur radio bands, and for the 21cm Radio Astronomy band. The VLNA13 can be used from 2.2GHz. to 2.5GHz and it was a VLNA13 that was used in the successful Bochum (Germany) VENUS bounce tests a few years ago. The VLNA13 is also used daily to receive ACE satellite data in Europe.
Also available are the PGA WB (Wide Band) amplifiers for use between approximately 30MHz and 2.5GHz, offering low noise, high dynamic range and medium output power.
The PGA144 is a contest grade 2m preamplifier featuring 'proper' input filtering to protect against blocking from Band 2 FM transmissions. This preamplifier is equally suitable for contesting and EME.
PGA432 is a 70cm version of the PGA144 but with a deep notch at 144MHz and high pass filtering above about 350MHz. For those who have problems with DAB interference the notch can be moved to 222MHz +/-

Anglian 2 144MHz transverter was a great success with hundreds sold. A redesigned Anglian 3 is now available. 8, 30 and 60W 2m PA short kits provide the Anglian 3 transverter user with more output, although the Anglian 3 without a PA is suitable for use as a transverter for driving microwave band transverters from your favourite HF rig or SDR. See the Product information page for some news about changes to the Anglian 3.

The full range of WA5VJB PCB antennas are stocked and available with SMA connectors where appropriate. Some of the antennas require the use of a pigtail connection instead of a connector.
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